Smart Tax

Smart Tax is used when a project needs to have taxes in a different token than the native token. Ex: BUSD, USDC, CAKE etc...


  • Marketing fees: Marketing tax will be sent to marketing wallet. Marketing tax is used to fund your marketing budget, therefore it helps your project growing.

  • Liquidity fees: Transaction fee in % to generate liquidity. Liquidity will be generated automatically through transactions, that creates a stable floor price for tokens.

  • Extra Sell Tax: When someone sells your tokens, an extra tax will be applied to him in order to "punish" the sellers. Ex: Marketing fees is 5%, liquidity fees is 2%, extra sell tax is 1%, when someone buys, he will be charged 7%, but when sell, he will be charged 8%.

  • Max wallet: Maximum percentage of total supply one wallet can hold.

  • Max transaction: Maximum percentage of total supply allowed for each transaction. Max transaction or Max tx is usually used to limit whales or people dumping tokens.

  • Can burn: holders can burn their tokens.

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