Smart Lock

How to unlock my liquidity/tokens?

You go to: Smart Lock and enter your token address. You will see Unlock button.

Can I add more tokens to my smart lock?

Yes, you can. You can send more tokens to the smart lock address. But first of all, you need to know your Smart Lock address.

Go to your Smart Lock Cerfiticate, look at the url, it will be something like:


Look for the locker_address value in the url, this is your Smart Lock address.

Also, you can only send more tokens to the lock address but can't reduce the amount of tokens.

Make sure you send your tokens to the correct address, if not you won't be able to recover them. Ex: send tokens to your token contract address, some contracts have functions to recover tokens, some doesn't.

Do I need to lock my tokens to be able to send tokens to other wallets?

No, you can send your tokens to any wallet without locking them. When you lock your tokens, you can't send them because they are locked. The locked tokens or LP tokens will be accessible again when the lock time expires.

How do I lock my tokens or liquidity to build trust with holders?

You go to Smart Lock. Enter your token or LP token address, locking duration and amount you want to lock. Then click Create Lock, confirm transaction. When it's done, your smart lock is created. Next step, click Lock to lock your tokens or liquidity. This transaction will send your tokens or LP tokens to your Smart Lock to lock it. You confirm transaction. Finally, you will receive a MoonDeploy Lock Certificate which you can share with your holders or potential investors to build trust for your project.

How to create a locker certificate?

After locking your tokens or liquidity using Smart Lock, you will receive a locker certificate to share with your holders.

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