Earn Passive Income

Level up your passive earning with token creation affiliate marketing. Very easy and straightforward to start. In less than 15 seconds, you will have your own affiliate link and start earning!

Get 10% commission instantly to your wallet address when new tokens are created!

Go to https://moondeploy.com/create-token, connect your wallet and scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see your affiliate link, just copy it and done!

Or you can replace affiliate_wallet_address by your address in this link:


How do I earn as an affiliate?

When someone creates a token using your link, commission in BNB, ETH or other native tokens of different blockchain will be sent to your wallet automatically. You don't need to claim it and there is no threshold to claim your earning. It's instant!

For example:

  • user creates a Standard token of 0.1 BNB on Binance Smart Chain, you will receive 0.01 BNB instantly.

  • user create a Pro token of 0.2 ETH on Ethereum network, you will receive 0.02 ETH.

  • if user create tokens on Polygon, you'll receive commission in MATIC and the same thing applies for other networks.

What is the commission rate?

It's 10% of the creation fee for a token. Ex: someone creates a Pro token of 0.59 BNB, you will receive 0.059 BNB (~$15 at the moment).

How much can I earn? There is no limit in how much you can earn. Here are examples:

  • users create one standard token/day with your link on Binance Smart Chain, you will earn: 0.01*30 = 0.3 BNB per month (~$100/month), so 10 created tokens/day will give you ~$1000/month passively

  • users create one Pro token/day with your link on Binance Smart Chain, you will earn: 0.059*30 = 1.77 BNB/month (~$531/month or ~$18/day)

How do I earn as youtubers?

You can create different types of content such as review, demo videos and place your affiliate link in your description, when your viewers click and create tokens, you will receive earning instantly.

It's 30 days after the first time someone clicks on your link. After that, the cookie will be removed.

Which cases commission will be counted for me?

When someone clicks on your link and create tokens within 30 days. Every time the user revisits our website to create tokens, you'll also be rewarded automatically even if he doesn't click on your affiliate link because your affiliate wallet address will be stored in cookies.

Which cases commission will not be counted for me?

When someone clicks on your link but he uses another device or browser to create tokens. Also if he clears cookies or he clicks on links of other affiliates, then it will not be counted for you.

Which type of content should I create?

You can create a review about our platform or demo of token creation. However there is no limit about the type of content you can create to generate passive income. Short videos are also good, it gets many views these days and can lead to high earning for you.

When you do that, it's similar to get a discount for token creation. The discount is equal to your commission rate.

Sure you can, it's great way to scale your earning.

Do I receive earning when someone orders a develop service from your website?

Yes, you do. However it's not possible to track sales for development services. When you recommend someone our services, he needs to mention your name, website or channel with your wallet address. When the payment is completed, we'll pay you the commission and also give the person you bring to our services a discount.

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