Token Listing

How to have value for my token?

You need to add liquidity to your token. After that, your token will be listed on PancakeSwap or another swap platform, it will have a price, and people can trade it.

How to create a price for my token?

You can decide the initial price of your token depending on how many tokens and BNB. Ex: you add liquidity with 1000 tokens and 1 BNB. Now the price of your token is 0.001 BNB.

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How can I list this coin at coingeko and coinmarketcap?

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Are you also listing our token at Coingeko and CoinMarketCap?

No, we don't. It's others' service.

Do you create an ICO website?

Yes, you can contact our dev and send details about your project.

Can I list my token created with MoonDeploy to big exchanges?

Yes, you can. Your token is totally compatible with all exchanges. Usually exchanges require big volume and liquidity to qualify, for more details, we suggest you contact them directly.

How do I list my token to exchanges?

If your token has grow to certain levels, you can contact these exchanges directly for listing. However, if your token is still new, you can list it to platforms like PancakeSwap, Uniswap or others first. And later you can plan for exchange listing.

If I list my tokens on CoinMarketCap, will it be listed on PancakeSwap and Binance automatically?

No, you need to list it first on PancakeSwap, then CoinMarketCap, then Binance. We cover the steps to launch your tokens here.

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