Add logo for tokens

How do I add logo for my tokens?

To add logo for your tokens, you can use our logo tool. Prepare a square image of small size (small size will help your wallet to load your logo faster) and upload it to the logo tool. After that, you click on Create Logo, then Add Token. A pop up from your wallet will show up, you click confirm. Voilà, your tokens now have a logo!

Why do I see the token logo but others don't?

People need to add your token to their wallet using our logo tool in order to see it. When you create logo for your token, it's only you can see it. You go to the logo tool, enter your token address and copy the logo url. After that, people need go to that url and click Add Token.

Yes sure, you can change it anytime. Just repeat the steps like when you created it the first time.

How do I add logo for my tokens on BscScan, EtherScan or others?

In order to add logo for a scan website, you need to create an account. After that, you will follow their steps to upload your logo and other social info of your project such as website, social media links.

Is there any limit on how many times users can Add Token to wallet?

No, there is no limit on that.

How can I add logo for my tokens on other wallets?

For that you need to contact them directly or ask their community. Every wallet is different, but in general you need to submit your token logo to their database.

How can I deploy the logo on the trust wallet?

Check out this article:

Our logo tool supports Metamask wallet only

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